👋 Hi there! I'm Billy.

You may know me as a senior frontend engineer who applied for a job at your startup.


Values are the starting point of my job search. I built an app for cancer patients, supported sustainability at Amazon, helped elevate art in the blockchain space and more.

I'm a technological optimist but believe that people have to intentionally build tools with deep vision, compassion and sincerity.

Things I've shipped
  • JPG: NFT gated experience allowing users to submit and vote on canonical lists of NFT artwork (e.g. onchain, conceptual). Success or failure in votes determined reputation that was represented in the NFT and on the platform.
  • AWS Budgets: Rewrote the AWS Budgets Console into a TypeScript React/Redux app allowing AWS users to setup budgets and track their spend.
  • Amazon Sustainability: I rebuilt the Second Chance portal in React in compliance with all language and build requirements. Streamlining workflows for pulling in data from external teams, getting translations and presenting it to keep the site up to date.
  • Caresi (defunct): React app that guided cancer patients through their treatment experience. Patients were able to track appointments, labs and care team information.
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  • Web3: Ownership, decentralization, open source and community
  • AI: Giving new tools to open up opportunity and creativity to everyone
  • Education: Core to accessing and understanding the world
  • Culture: Art, relationships, history define who we are
  • Content Creation: Everyone can create. No gaterkeepers


  • A world where everyone can pursue their aspirations
  • A world without suffering
  • A house with more windows than walls
  • Apple Vision Pro actually being good
  • Eating cookies without guilt